May 16, 2008

A Give a way

Check out Carolyn's neat give away at Ohio Quilter's Journey. I found this neat blog through Paula - thanks Paula!

Back Again

I guess I have taken a break from the blogging world lately. We went away for a short vacation and I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things as far as the blog world is concerned. We visited a few of our State Parks. We saw beautiful waterfalls, many different types of wild flowers, butterflies and birds. We had hoped to see some wild life, but the only thing that we saw that I can't see in my own back yard were Wild Turkeys. Not one deer! That seems unusual. On our hikes we only saw one deer track in two different parks. The State Park Inns that we stayed at had Internet access so I was able to read a few blogs here and there, but boy do I have a lot of catching up to do! I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to lately. Some of you were surprised when I posted my photos of my trip to the AQS show in Paducah a couple of weeks ago. While I had bought patterns, notions and thread I had bought only one yard of fabric. There were three reasons why only one yard was purchased. Number 1: I only had one day at the show and I wanted to see the latest quilt designs and notions available so I didn't spend a lot of time looking at fabric. Number 2: I didn't want to have to carry the fabric around with me all day. That fabric can get very heavy quickly! Number 3: I knew this vacation was coming up and that I would have more time to look at fabric at quilt shops along the way. This is what I bought along the way! Lots of neat reproduction fabrics!

I guess I got the new patterns and notions out of my system as I only bought fabric on this trip. Not one pattern, spool of thread or needle. Patterns for tote bags and purses caught my eye, but I put them back on their pegs or in their baskets. I need to make some of the ones I recently bought before I buy another such pattern. I was able to visit three different quilt shops and enjoyed each one as you can tell.

I picked up one of my UFO's (unfinished objects for my non-quilting friends) and worked on it while on our trip. It is an apple core wall hanging. I forgot to measure the individual patch but it small! I am hand piecing this as the curve is not a gentle one that would easily be pieced on the machine. I am planning on making this little quilt have 12 rows of 10 patches each. I guess I have 9 more to go! I had only cut a few of the patches before my trip, and had a pile ready to be cut. I cut many of them while Hubby drove. I then was able to piece in the evenings and again on the way home. There are some things I can do in the car and not become carsick and sewing is one of them. Yeah! When there isn't beautiful scenery to look at along the way, sewing and listening to an audio book makes the time fly.

I will post a few photos of the trip soon! Now to catch up on all of the blogs that I have missed!

May 2, 2008

More Great Quilts

As promised, here are a few more of the great quilts that I had the pleasure to see at the AQS 2008 Quilt Show.

This beauty won the blue ribbon in the Bed Applique category. The quilt maker happened to be standing by and I heard her say that she did this with the quilt as you go method. She completely quilted each block separately before adding them to each other. I haven't tried this method yet, so I can't say how easy or difficult it is to do. This sure is a beautiful quilt!

This beauty won a blue ribbon in the Pieced Quilts category. Wow is all I can say!

I think this quilt deserves a close up photo so that you can see the detail a little clearer. Think of the time that was put into the creation of this beauty!

This quilt did not win an award, but I thought it was a fantastic quilt.

I love the nine patch blocks she used for the sashing. It has a fantastic border too! Are you tired of seeing photos of great quilts? I hope not because I have a few more to share at another time!

P.S. Marlene you left me a comment on my last post asking that I email you as you had some questions. I am sorry but I can't, you have the no reply marked in your preferences so I have no way of contacting you. You can email me direct if you would like. I like to sent a comment or reply back to everyone who is kind enough to leave me a comment. If the no reply is in place that is impossible for me to do so. I also have trouble at times sending email to people with AOL accounts. I have no clue why...could they still be mad at me for leaving them? I doubt that!