June 30, 2008

I Am Back - Finally!!!

Wow! It is hard for me to believe that I haven't posted in over a month! Okay - break over!!! Life got really crazy here very quickly and it took a while for it to settle back down. Once life seemed to return to normal I found that I had lost my quilting mojo. I didn't have a desire to pick up a sewing needle let alone turn on my sewing machine. What???? Is that possible? It was for me, and I never thought that could possibly happen. I kept myself busy planting flowers and playing some games on the computer. I didn't keep up with the quilting email lists and got very behind on reading my blogging friends posts. I can't explain it, so guess I won't try. I will blame it on hormones as that seems to be the answer for everything right now. I finally started to miss the "old world" as I had known it. I went out of town with my hubby for the weekend to celebrate our birthdays and I went to a couple of quilt shops. Hmmmmm...was it the smell of new fabric or the samples on the walls? I don't know but I started to feel my mojo coming back. Believe it or not, I only bought 3 1/2 yards of fabric and that was after visiting two quilt shops! My Hubby was quite surprised, and wondered if I was ill. The new fabric was enough to get things rolling though and I have been back at the sewing machine and have done some hand work too.

The weather has been wonderful lately and I have spent a lot of time in my gazebo (a.k.a. my Summer Palace) with my Featherweight set up on a folding table.

I have so enjoyed sewing away and enjoying the outdoors at the same time. You can see some of my flowers too. The shadow you see inside the gazebo is me sewing away.

I have finished the blocks for "My Blue Heaven", a Bonnie Hunter design. Now to get them sewn together! I will be catching up on my blogging friends posts and keeping this blog more up to date from now on! I promise!

My friend Char has been wondering what was wrong with me too - thanks for the encouraging words and gentle (big smile here) push to get back into the blogging world Char!