August 28, 2008

The Critter has been found!

Look what was in the live trap this morning!

Hubby had been putting peanut butter and marshmallows out at night and in the morning the bait would be gone but the trap not sprung. We didn't know which kind of critter was enjoying it's nightly feast, but something needed to change! I had so many fellow bloggers offer baiting ideas to catch this critter but A Simple Quilter actually did a little research and found a list of foods that attract different kinds of critters. It seems that the spice Anise has a very strong pull for raccoons but not for skunks or other furry pets. Hmmmmm...sounded good to me. I bought some yesterday and look what happened! Hubby also worked on getting the trap to spring a little easier, so I guess the two combined did the trick! The raccoon is now sleeping away the day under the tree where it will be in shade all day. Tonight after Hubby gets home from work we will be relocating this critter to a wooded area where it will be much happier. I will be too!

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Libby said...

Who would have thought that racoons had such a discriminating palate? *s* I'm sure this little fella will be very happy in his new home.

Kathie said...

oh he looks so cute now that he is in a cage!
Glad your relocating him, he will be happier in the woods hopefully!

a simple quilter said...

Quilters 1 Raccoons 0

Carol said...

YIPPEE! YIPPEE! YEAH! He'll be happier in his new home and you will be much happier with him there.

Wilma L. said...

Well, I guess by now the raccoon is enjoying a wooded area far from your home! Now you are all happy!

Caryn said...

Glad you caught him and I hope he doesn't have any friends still around!