December 22, 2008

#4 Challenge

Paula has tagged me with the #4 Challenge. Here are the rules:*Go to the fourth photo file on your computer
*Choose the fourth picture in that file
*post it and explain
*tag four people to do the same

Here is my photo:

This is a photo of a couple of tote bags I made this past Spring. The darker one in the background is one I use all the time and is made with Civil War reproduction fabrics. The pastel one in the front is the gift I gave my Mother for Mother's Day. I posted about them here. This was a fun challenge. Let's see, I am going to follow Paula's example and pick four people who commented on my last post. I am tagging the first four. So...Jane, Bren, Rose Marie and Myra consider yourself tagged for the #4 Challenge! Can't wait to see your photo!


Myra said...

Sounds like fun. I will try to get to this in the next day or two. Merry Christmas!

~Bren~ said...

Love those bags! I will have to go look and see if my photo is even know my photog skills!!!
Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

Lea said...

What a lovely bags! Cute, cute cute!!!