August 30, 2010

New York Beauty Quilt Continued

The  New York Beauty blocks and sashing have been sewn together, so now it is time to take the papers off the back of the sashing! It is a long tedious process, but I thing the end results are well worth it.
 I use a small pair of tweezers that I found in the cosmetics section at the drug store to help me. I would be lost without them! I can get the little corners out of the seam allowances with ease and my fingers don't become sore from the pulling and tugging of the paper.
 As I am taking the paper off the back I am thinking about what type of quilting design I want to put on the front. I will be machine quilting this piece....oh what designs to use????


Sew Unique Creations said...

I am in such awe of this quilt! It's a beauty and on my list to make some day - thank you for sharing!

Milah said...

You are teasing us by only showing the back! Don't hold us in suspense too long!

Lori said...

I love your NYB quilt and really enjoy seeing it come together step by step.

Teresa said...

Paperpiecing can be so gratifying when you see the gorgeous results. I am enjoying watching your quilt come together - its going to be outstanding!