October 1, 2010


I am still doing the "basic" type of quilting on my New York Beauty quilt - stitching in the ditch. I have so far gotten most of the blocks and sashing stabilized.
I am debating on sewing around each little triangle in the sashing. I plan on stitching around each triangle in the blocks, but oh there are lots and lots of little triangles. I have a feeling I will...sometimes I feel like I am a sucker for punishment. :)

I feel like all of the photos I have shared lately look exactly the same. How many times do you want to see the same quilt over and over? So, to remedy this I decided to show you a few photos of a quilt from a quilt show I went to this past August at Essenhause Inn in Shipshewana, IN. It is of an antique quilt that was made by many different ladies. It is believed to have been a wedding gift. The way the display area was set up, I couldn't get back far enough to get a photo of the whole quilt. Sorry about that!

I just love the different embroidered  blocks in this quilt.
Sister Alma is the one who made this block of course, and in 1941. Isn't it great that no one has to guess as to when this quilt was lovingly made?
The quilt won the blue ribbon for the Vintage before 1959 category.
Of all the blocks, I think Sister Silvia's is my favorite!


Quilt Hollow said...

A quilt as beautiful as this needs to be seen often...I enjoy it!!

Lori said...

I'm only glad it's you quilting the NYB and not me!

Love the antique signature quilt. Such a fun personable quilt!!

Jan said...

I love seeing your progress on the NYB - don't stop!

Ramona said...

Your quilt is lovely, but pattern did you use? I am searching for a pattern to do my own NYB, you have inspired me.]Mona