November 13, 2007

More Of My Vacation

This is the sunset photo that I told you about yesterday. I got up early one day with the intent of watching the sunrise and taking some photos. If you look closely you will see a silhouette of someone standing at the edge of the ocean. It is my dear hubby fishing. He had a great time fishing this year. My parents came down and spent the second week with us. My Father is a great fisherman too. Dear Hubby, Father and Mother enjoyed eating the catch of the day for dinner a couple of times. My Father was able to take some of his catch home with him to be enjoyed on another day. Did you notice I said "they" enjoyed their fish dinners? I am not a seafood person. I had a grilled cheese sandwich the first night and pizza the second. I enjoyed every bite!

This is the view I had while sitting at my sewing machine. Don't you wish you could have this view every day? I sure do. At times I believe I spent more time watching the waves come in and people walking by then sewing. All in all that was fine with me. My sewing area at home is in the basement - no view. I enjoyed having a window to look out of, especially with the view I had!

I worked on my Nickles quilt and got all of the blocks sewn together. It looks giant! This is a king size bed that I laid it across. I am planning on using it as a bedspread for a queen bed. I don't think I will have a problem with it not being large enough. I'm not sure what I will name it yet. I sewed most of blocks while on vacation at different times in Gulf Shores. What do you think of the name "Road to Gulf Shores"? Now to get it quilted!!! After the quilt top was put together I was able to work on my blue scrappy quilt. Fun fun fun!


Rose said...

The Road to Gulf Shores quilt is spectacular, though I don't know how in the world you could sit inside sewing while that gorgeous beach was calling to you through the window.

Your vacation photos are really beautiful!

Charlene said...

I don't think I would be able to stay inside very much either - next year can you sew on the porch?? Kinda like the "Palace" out back in your yard?

Jessica said...

How awesome to have such a view! Wow!

tamera said...

Beautiful quilt!

Are you quilting it yourself? on a domestic machine? or long-arm?

How do you plan to quilt it?

Hope you don't mind so many questions, but I LOVE this quilt.