November 15, 2007

Still More

I promise, I won't post any more photos from my vacation for a while after tonight. I just had to share these photos. In case you have missed my previous posts, we were at Gulf Shores, AL for a two week vacation and loved every minute of it! There is a big bush outside of the condo where butterflies love to come and eat up. They are so thick at times the bush looks like it is moving. I had a great time just watching the butterflies flit from flower to flower. You had to be careful where you stepped because they would just rest on the ground and they were easy to step on.

We also went to the Gulf Shores Zoo. The zoo is known as "The Little Zoo That Could". They have been featured on the Animal Planet show because one year they had to evacuate all of the animals (except the alligators) four times because of hurricanes in the area. That is a major feat. It is such a neat zoo. I had misgivings at first because of it's size. I thought I wouldn't be very fun because there wouldn't be enough to see. Wrong! You can get very close to the animals and they are kept in very nice cages/habitats. We were able to watch tiger cubs play outside in a pen area. The keepers were there to make sure they behaved themselves and didn't chew up the water hoses. As they took them back to their cages we were able to pet them.

There are a few habitats that have platforms that you can go up on to look into the habitats. It was fun to get some photos of the animals without going through the wire fences. This is the second time we have visited the Gulf Shores Zoo and if we go back to the area we will visit it again.

I haven't been able to sew since I got back home. A young man, (28 yrs. old) in our church went home to be with the Lord last week. While Jeremy is in a far better place he will be greatly missed here. His Mother is the church secretary that I fill in for when she goes on vacation. I am filling in now for her for a few weeks. I am happy that I can help her and her family not only by praying for them, but by giving her a little breathing room to sort things out. I spent the afternoon and evening today baking for our Youth groups bake sale that is coming up. I made 5 different kinds of cookies and a batch of cookie bars. I love to bake, but not eating the products is difficult! I have to admit, we had to try some of them to make sure they were eatable!


Bren said...

Oh do not promise to not share pictures!! Show more! They are wonderful and we all enjoy them.
My heart aches for Jeremy's family. I will pray for them. I can not even imagine.

Joni said...

The butterflies are gorgeous. Seeing tiger cubs was such a treat. I can't blame you for wanting to go back! So sorry about the young man!

Jessica said...

I agree, the entire situation is sad. I am very glad that you can help fill in during this difficult time.

I absolutely LOVE the butterfly picture! It is wonderful! More pictures puhlease!

Charlene said...

I agree beautiful pics! Sometimes the best zoos are the smaller ones.