April 15, 2008


I want to share my WIP's (Works In Progress) today, but first I want to show what I bought at the quilt show last week in Chicago.

I found patterns that called my name! One is for a quilt that has embroidered flowers over baskets. I have a collection of feed sacks that will go perfect in this quilt, so of course I had to have the pattern. I found three, yes three purse/tote patterns. I won't bore you with the list of all I bought, but yes, I had fun!

Now on to WIP's. Wish I could say all was going well with the lap top tote.

Yesterday after much gnashing of teeth I got to step #11 and was brought to a complete stop. The pieces did not match up in size - at all! I was so frustrated I was ready to throw it out the window and yell, "Good riddance!" I had already checked on the pattern company's web site to see if there were any pattern corrections, and there wasn't. I decided to email the company to see if they could help me. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email a few hours later stating that they were sorry for my frustration. They had emailed the designer and hoped to hear from her today. They also offered me a free pattern from their web site as an apology. Well, I picked out a pattern today and told them of my preference. I am waiting to receive information from the designer. I am purposely pointing out the name of the pattern company and designer in this post. I am hoping to get this problem resolved and then report happily to all what has transpired.

I was really in the mood to work on something that would "work" yesterday afternoon so I started a tote from a pattern that I purchased at the quilt show. Well, it started out fine. The pattern called for fusible batting to be used. I hadn't used it before and thought this was a great time to try it out. Well, the batting isn't the problem, but the dimensions of the batting that the pattern said to cut is. Unless I am reading the pattern wrong, and I never claim to be perfect, the math doesn't match up correctly. I just had my engineer of a husband go over the dimensions and he confirmed that the width was 1/2" off. I will make this work!

This is what the front of tote will look like. I am using Civil War reproduction fabrics. The pattern calls for 5" squares and I had a collection of them already cut for a previous project. Neat! I have learned a lesson. Do not cut all of the pieces for a new pattern before the math is double checked. I cut all of the batting and lining fabrics before I sewed one seam. I guess my bag will just be a little shorter then originally planed for! I liked the finished samples of the bags I saw at the quilt show. I lost count of how many booths were selling this pattern. I just wish I had a heads up warning about the dimension problem.

Editor's Note: In working with this pattern more I believe that the designer meant to have the fusible batting smaller then the fabric pieces to keep the seam allowances free of batting. This would help with bulky seam allowances. If this is the case then the width is correct but the length is 1/2" to long. I will make a note of this on my pattern for future reference - I probably wouldn't remember when I made this tote again until it was too late! Linda was kind enough to leave a comment giving advice about the technique she uses with fusible batting. Thanks Linda!

Now on to a non quilting project! Many of my flower seeds have sprouted and can now be called seedlings!

I am still impatiently waiting for the remainder of the seeds that I planted to sprout. I get so excited to see little plants poking up out of the soil!


Linda said...

How frustrating for you Marilyn. Am I right in thinking you're having problems with both patterns? Hmm I'll have to double check measurements before I cut a bag from the same place as your tote. I'd hate to cut into it only to find there was a mistake. If it makes you any happier,I always cut my fusible batting a little smaller than what the pattern calls for, to take into account for the stretch that happens when you press it to the fabric, and to releave the seams of all the extra bulk.

Teresa said...

Ah, I feel your pain. I am trying to finish a bag too, and doggone it - the pattern says to flip the piece like a pancake. Now what the heck does that mean? Its not going together too well either. Good luck in getting yours done. How fun to see your sprouts!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Love your seedlings! This is where I lose them. I wish you luck because this is where I am a garden failure!

Greenmare said...

sometimes it seems there isn't any peer checking on those patterns doesnt' it???
Wasn't that a wonderful show last week in Chicago??? I'm glad you got to go too!!

Caryn said...

I've made the Charm party tote and it came out fine - I don't recall exactly but I think the batting is cut smaller so it does not bulk up the seam allowance. I did have trouble with the measurements for the pockets on that tote however!

Bren said...

Ahhhh, all those WIP's look difficult. I need to set those types of things aside, do a quick easy, and then go back refreshed!
I LOVE your CWDQ row. Beautiful!

Karen said...

I am jealous that you got to attend the quilt show. Too far away for me to even think about going but it must be a good show.

I often wish pattern designers would make their directions more clear with diagrams or whatever it takes. And definitely have someone try out the directions to see if they are understandable and correct.

Rose said...

I've had some trouble with the last few patterns I've used too. Very lacking in diagrams and explanation of each step too. I hope you get an answer quickly!

Love seeing your sprouts! May they all become beautiful flowers :)