July 28, 2008

Look What I Received In The Mail!

Oh look at what I received in the the mail the other day! I had signed up for Linda's PIF (Pass It Forward) challenge and this is what I received. Should I make you scroll down to see what is in this cute package?

Maybe a little more?

It is a adorable folder or a binder cover. I just love it! It is even better that it came from a blogging friend who took such care to make a beautiful gift. I have a Linda original and I love it!
I have been having fun thinking of the different ways I can use this.

I will need to get a binder that better coordinates with the cover colors, but I just couldn't wait to try it out. Thanks again Linda! Now to buckle down and get my the PIF gifts made and sent out. I have given the gifts much thought and have changed my mind as to what to make just as much! Not good!

I received this neat award from Nancy Rose the other day. Such an honor! Thanks Nancy Rose! She felt bad that my Summer Palace was ruined by a pesky critter and wanted to give me a little boost. It worked! I am to give this award to those who I believe deserve it too, but it is very hard to single out fellow bloggers. There are too many out there! If you are reading this, and have your own blog consider this award yours also!

I have been working and working on "The Monster" lately. There have been two main reasons to account for the progress I have made on this project. Number one, dear Hubby was out of town so that gave me more free time to spend on it. Number two, I aggravated an old knee injury and that has kept me from doing the other things I wanted to do while Hubby was gone. Oh the plans I had...they will just have to wait now. I have been propping my leg up and quilting away. If I can't do much walking or standing I can at least quilt! I have about 1/4 more quilting to do before I can turn the quilt in the frame. Oh I can't wait for that! I will post another picture of "The Monster" then as you should be able to see the border. Yippee!!!


Linda said...

Glad you liked it Marilyn, looking forward to seeing your progress on the monster.

Bren said...

I have a Linda original too. She does beautiful work on those binder covers!
I can't WAIT to see the monster again! I can not touch mine until I finish a runner and 2 baby quilts...all hand quilted!

Carin said...

Great binder cover! Totally cute!
I can't wait to see the progress on the monster :O)

Tanya said...

What a lovely binder cover! That would really make me want to study!

YankeeQuilter said...

I'm catching up on blogs today. Love the quilting on your "monster" quilt. What type of frame are you using? My hand quilting frame lost "parts" during our last move so I may end up replacing the whole thing.

The binder cover is beautiful...have fun with it!