October 9, 2008

How Does He Do That?

Today I took a little trip over to Shipshewana, IN. Talk about great quilt stores! Hubby is out of town on a business trip (he will be home soon - Yippee!). He told me to do something fun while he was gone. Was that a wrong thing for him to tell me? Not in my book! I really needed some popcorn. There is a great bulk food store there that has great popcorn. I can't buy popcorn like that in the local grocery store... honest! I also like to stock up on frozen meat from Yoder's Meat Market too. My ground beef was running low. Why do I like to buy it there and then put it in a cooler to keep it from thawing before I can get it home? It is hormone free and the price and quality is great. Besides, it is much more fun to do a popcorn/meat run to Shipshewana then the local grocery stores. The local grocery store does not have a quilt stores near it! I have posted before about Shipshewana. You can find one of my posts here if you would like to read it.

I found a lot of neat fabrics today! There were many new fabrics in the reproduction section at Yoder's Department Store. I found most of what I bought today there. My dear Hubby is always very patient when he goes to a quilt store with me on our trips. He will wait in the car and sleep or read a book. At Yoder's Dept. Store there is a big hallway between the different stores with rockers that hubbys can sit in a wait for their wives. My Hubby can be there snoozing or in the car but the minute I take the credit card out of my purse he appears right by my side. How does that happen? How does he know I am ready to leave? I have often wondered. In the post I mentioned earlier I wondered if there was an alarm that goes ding ding when the credit card is removed. When I walked up to the register today I thought, "Ha! Hubby can't come up and see how much I have spent today!" With a smile on my face I handed the sales clerk my credit card. Ring! Ring! My cell phone starts ringing. I open it up. It was Hubby! How does he do that????? To make matters even more funny, he is in Belgium. There is a 7 hour time difference! When I told him where I was he said, "I figured!" He knew I was going to Shipshewana, but of course he didn't know when I was going to be ready to pay for my fabric. Or did he? How does he do that?

This is the fabric I bought for my stash today.

Of course I took this photo when I got home tonight on my diningroom table so the colors don't show to their true beauty.

I also found a pattern and fabric today that I will be using to make a wedding present with. I had been looking for the right quilt to make the happy couple but hadn't found it. Today I found it and the fabrics. I am using two different jelly roll fabric lines for the quilt. I haven't used jelly rolls before. I was worried that I didn't have enough lights or browns so I bought a little bit of yardage just to make sure.
The pattern is called "Diamond Dazzler" and it is from the book "On A Roll Again" by Heather Mulder Peterson. I have a project that needs attention before I start a new quilt. I sure want to start it though!

I have been working and working on "The Monster In The Livingroom". I will be posting about that soon!


StitchinByTheLake said...

I wish I could have gone with you - it sounds like a wonderful place. But my husband would have known the minute I got that credit card out too! blessings, marlene

Wilma L. said...

I think that you ask "Snopes" how hubby always knows when the credit card is handed to the cashier! They are supposed to know EVERYTHING!!!!!

Kathie said...

that cracked me up!
so funny he called when you were paying.
I love the fabrics you bought, wow great choices.
that blue in the front row , who's fabric is that can you tell?
I have been looking for blues like that, its perfect!
thanks Kathie

Milah said...

OMG, that is too funny! I once sensed my husband was in an accident and I drove by the hospital and his company truck was parked outside the ER. I walked in and there he was lying on a gurney. He had fallen at work and was knocked out but was okay, nothing serious. That has never happened before or sense. I couldn't explain it, I just sensed it.

Love the fabrics and pattern! You are going to be busy this winter!

Michelle said...

That is a cute story, I really enjoyed reading it. It is funny how they know these things, huh? Glad you had a productive shopping trip...your new quilt project looks beautiful.

a simple quilter said...

I make fabric and food runs up to Amish country here in Ohio for fry pies and whoopie cookies. There is a very sweet little stitching shop in Berlin and an Amish quilt shop that I love to go to in Charm. Both have the cotton tea towels that I like to use as well as walls full of stencils and notions.

I'll have to point the car in a new direction and head for Shipshewana. There's a great toboggan run over in that part of Indiana and once the weather gets cold it's a fun trip down!

Love all the little prints that you bought...great addition to your stash.

Charlene said...

I sure wish I could have gone along this time!!! I love the colors you choose for the Diamond Dazzler!! Our hubbies are like that - yours at the quilt store and mine when we go out to eat!

Libby said...

They always seems to know . . . I don't know how they do it *s* Looks like a good bit of bounty you brought home this time. Have fun stitchin' it into something pretty!

Tanya said...

Yoder's department store sounds fascinating. I'm a big popcorn fan too.
I've never used jelly rolls either. Not such thing in Japan. Give us a play by play as you set about your Diamond Dazzler.

Carin said...

You found some wonderful fabric.

Anonymous said...

you found great fabrics. Did you go to Lolly's quilt shop downtown too. I am still drooling from my trip there a couple weeks ago. And did you see the quilt block flower gardens?


Lea said...

How sweet your hubby is! *S* and surely you had a wonderful time in Shipsi.*S*
Those fabrics are sooooo yummy looking!