October 17, 2008

Mmmm Good!

My dear Hubby came home from a business trip to Belgium and brought many goodies home for me.

I had given him two requests. Since he had a layover in London I asked that he bring me something that said London on it. I have always wanted to travel to London and take in the sights and I was a little jealous that I couldn't go. My second request was that he bring me back some Belgium chocolates. What sane chocolate loving gal wouldn't love some Belgium chocolate? This is what was in the packages!
From London (really the airport) he brought me an ink pen that has the flag of England on it and a tin that looks like the red buses that travel around London. The tin "says" London on it so he fulfilled my request! The tin is filled with yummy English Toffees. Someday I hope to really ride in one of those red buses in London. From Belgium he brought me chocolate all right! A box of assorted chocolates, a jar of yummy chocolate sauce and a dark chocolate bar. Yummy does not describe the taste of these beautiful chocolates! I am savoring each one. I have limited myself to one a day. If it is a big piece of wonderful mouth melting chocolate I cut it in half to even make my chocolate bounty last longer. I have been known to share with Hubby too. Honest! I haven't broken into the chocolate bar yet but I have tasted the sauce. Mmmmmm! Are you laughing at me yet? It's really ok if you are. I am! As much as I love the things he brought home to me I love having him back home more!


a simple quilter said...

The tin is adorable! And the box of chocolates....such control. I would be eating them one each minute!


Welcome Home Mr. Man...well done on the goodies!

Milah said...

You must be living right! First, that stash you bought at Shipshewana, then you won that book, and now all this chocolate!! Can it get any better?

I would be sitting under that finished quilt, eating chocolate and reading my new book! Enjoy!

Living on the Spit said...

What a great hubby. Tell him I said kuddos!!!

I love European chocolate. There is nothing better!

Have a great weekend.


Wilma L. said...

Mmmmmmmmm!!! Think I will get a teeny weeny tast of that chocolate?
You have a wonderful hubby.....but I guess you knew that already!!
Enjoy every bite!

Sue said...

I would be doing just as you are, in fact, have been known to.

We have a local shop that makes their own chocolate, it's some of the best I've ever had. I savor each one when my dh buys me a box.


Tanya said...

MMm. Belgium chocolates! I don't think I'd be able to savor them. I am a gobbler when it comes to chocolate. I always found the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story unbelievable because the little boy could make his chocolate bar last a month. No Way!

Andreas said...

Ahh the Chocolate looks nice. I recently made a squidoo lens about chocolate in belgium. If you like check it out!


Libby said...

What wonderful treats . . . I do hope you get the chance to ride one of those red busses real soon *s*

Carin said...

MMMMMmmm english candy is the best! The bus is adorable.

julieQ said...

yum! Keep him, I say...he is a great guy!

karenfae said...

what great gifts your hubby got for you. I can tell by what he got you that you are a lover of chocolate!! I'm kind of like you in that I too would savor chocolate and want them to last awhile by eating one a day - after all dark chocolate is good for you!! Karen