August 24, 2011

I See A Finish Coming Soon!

In my last post I mentioned how I wanted to make this bag/back pack. Well, I am close to finishing the Diva Essential Designer Bag!
I thought I would show you a photo of my progress. I am making the bag with denim and some Mickey Mouse fabric.  Since I want to take this to Walt Disney World with me soon I couldn't resist adding some Mickey Mouse fabric to my bag!
I have found that Mickey Mouse fabric isn't easy to come by, but I have had the best luck at Hobby Lobby.  I am going to have to go back soon to see if I can find some more of this fabric because I have used about all I have with this bag! Usually I am thrilled if if have used up some of my stash...but, it is Mickey Mouse fabric so that doesn't count.  I need more! :)
This photo gives you a glimpse of the inside lining.  Yes, Mickey is in there too! I have three more steps to do and it will be finished.  I am already thinking of what I would change if I made this bag again. One thing I might want to do is make the straps a little longer as I am afraid the straps won't be quite long enough when used as a back pack. I guess I can't totally decide that until I use it though! Stay tuned! A finished bag will be posted soon (I hope)!

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