August 15, 2011

I Have To Join In Too!

I have been trying to avoid this, but I just can't any more.  I have given up. I am joining in. What am I joining? You are going to have to wait a bit for that I guess. First things first!

I went out of town this weekend with my dear Hubby to celebrate our 24th Wedding Anniversary. I consider myself blessed to have him as my husband! Along with spending some time together, we did a little shopping too. I found a pair of these neat Crocs tennis shoes! They are called Hover Lace Ups.  They kind of look like big clown shoes in this photo, but they really aren't.  Beware Crocs fans, you may need a size larger with this type of shoe. I did!

I was very very good with my fabric purchases. I have been cutting back on the purchasing of new fabric as I have so much now! The stash is growing quicker then I can use it up. I guess that is the story with most quilters when you think about it. lol  I found some neat Civil War Reproductions (they always seem to call my name) and some lovely cheddar fabric. There is a story behind that cheddar fabric but like I said earlier, first things first.
I also purchased fusible batting so that I could make this bag. It is a bag/backpack and I would love to be able to take it on my next trip to Walt Disney World. If I want that to happen I had better get busy on it! I have an idea of what fabric I want to use with it.  I know I have some lightweight denim that will be perfect for this project.  The only question is where is it?  I know I put it in a special place.  It isn't with my quilting fabrics because it isn't a quilting type of fabric.  It is there somewhere! Please tell me I am not the only one who has this problem from time to time!

Now for the part I have been putting off talking about in this post.  Last month Bonnie Hunter initiated a Leader/Ender  Challenge. She challenged everyone to join in on  the 2011 Bow Tie Challenge. She is using a cheddar fabric as the background in each block.  Well, I love cheddar in antique quilts and I have always wanted to make one with it too. When Bonnie came out with the challenge my first thought was yes! The second thought was no, you have enough UF0's! Turn one of those projects into a Leader/Ender project and get it done.  Well, I couldn't get the Bow Tie Challenge out of my head. I would see posts from other quilters who are doing the challenge and it just made me want to join in all the more. I give up!  I am joining in!  I told my Hubby on the way out of town that I wanted to buy some cheddar fabric and why.  He just kind of looks at me and nods. When I was standing in line to get my fabric cut my Hubby walks up to me. I have a big smile on my face.  I told him that I found my cheddar fabric!  He looks at the bolts in my arms and says, "It's orange! Why didn't you just say you were going to buy orange fabric?" I replied back, "No, it is cheddar, not orange!"  lol   The funny thing I didn't tell him was that at the end of the bolt it stated that the color was orange. I didn't tell him then, and I am not telling him now! He doesn't usually read my blog so I think I am safe!
I have decided to make a indigo blue/cadet blue Bow Tie Quilt with solid cheddar as it's background. I pulled my blues last night from my stash.  It seems like I should have even more blues then this, so I guess while I am looking for my denim I will be looking for more blues too! At least this way I will be multitasking! :)


Jan said...

Blue and cheddar (orange?!) bowties will be so dynamic! I think I will be joining in, but just a doll quilt size, and scrappy.
I've cut way back on fabric purchases myself. Why is it so much easier to buy than to use it up?!

julieQ said...

I am so tempted to join in too! What a pretty combination your quilt colors will be!!