February 15, 2008

40's Comfort & Awards

I have been working on "The Monster In The Living Room" and instead of posting another photo of it I decided to post a photo of an earlier quilt that I made that is displayed in the living room. I named it 40's Comfort because the block's name is "The Comfort Quilt". I made this wallhanging to enter into Moda's Patterns of History Challenge in 2005. This contest required that you use one of five predetermined block patterns and use their Patterns Of History fabric line. Well, I love the 30's - 40's fabrics and the quilt patterns used at that time so I decided this was the contest for me to enter. This was the first quilting contest I had ever entered so of course I was so excited when I actually won an Honorable Mention (there were three Grand Prizes and 20 Honorable Mention Winners). My quilt was displayed in an exibit at the Houston Spring Quilt Market (2005), it was published in a book "Patterns Of History The Challenge Winners 23 Quilt Designs Inspired by Our Past" (Could the title be any longer?), and I received a copy of the book and a bunch of fat quaters fabric. So much fun!

Jessica gave me the Biggest Heart Award! Thank you so much Jessica!

I would like to pass it on to:
Charlene who has one of the biggest hearts I know!
Bren - who I really miss in blogland! Come back soon!
And Lea who graciously posts in English as well as in Japanese.

Charlene gave me The Spreader of Love Award. Awwwww thanks Charlene!

I would like to pass this award on to:
Linda who has such a giving heart!
Rose who is now handquilting a beautiful quilt for her daughter's wedding gift.
Sue who spreads her love among her family.

It is so hard to pick who to give awards to! I love visiting many different blogs. I also like to reply back to those who leave comments on mine. If you have a no reply option it is impossible for me to do that of course. Lately I have had all of my email bounced back to me from aol.com. Hmmmmm maybe they are mad at me for dropping them as my server awhile ago? So, if you have commented lately and are on aol please know that I have tried to reply back to you! Nancy Rose asked where I found the pirate fabric I used to make Char's pillowcase. I found it at WalMart of all places! I just looked at my leftover fabric and it doesn't have the maker info on the selvage. Sorry!


Kathie said...

Love the quilt you shared today!


Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

That is a really nice quilt! How exciting to win. I am happy for you.

Also congratulations on your bogger awards :o)

Wilma L. said...

Hmm. This quilt looks a bit familiar! Where have I seen this work of art???? A winner, for sure!

Rose said...

Marilyn, congratulations on your quilt award. It's a beautiful quilt and I too love the vintage repro. fabrics. They're hard to get in my area.

Thank you so much for the blog award! I was quite surprised to see my name on your list. I'm deeply honored. Thanks!

Lea said...

Wow, I really love your quilt! You did such a great job with this quilt. It looks like an antique! Love it!

Thank you for giving me an awesome award!

Linda said...

Wonderful quilt Marilyn, and how exciting to have been one of those honoured. Thanks for the award, will try to post about it next week.

Greenmare said...

I love your 40's comfort quilt! Congratulations on your honorable mention!!

Jessica said...

The quilt is beautiful! COngrats on the awards! Hope all is well.... Happy weekend!

Libby said...

It's easy to see why your quilt was chosen a winner . . . looks great *s*

Sharon said...

Your quilt is so beautiful. Wish I could do something that beautiful.
I have only made 2 small baby quilts, but none that beautiful.
I really do enjoying looking at your pictures of the things you make.

Tanya said...

Congratulations on ALL your awards! Quilting and non-quilting!

http://blackeyedsewsan.wordpress.com/ said...

Leaving QHL to check out your blog, I blinked twice at the '05 entry! I did this in flannels: plaids, stripes & solids-for my son. Doubled the seams just knowing he'd wrap himself up & now am told he's popped most of the quilting stitches. One foot forward...6 back! Susan (blackeyedsewsan)