February 13, 2008

I'm Still Here!

I have had a couple of comments as to where I have been lately. Okay - I'm still here! I realize it has been a while since I posted. Six days in fact since my last post. There are a lot of reasons why I have slacked off from my posting. Here are a few of them.

1. I spent a lot of time with dear hubby this past weekend. When I wasn't with him I was working on the Monster In The Living Room.

2. After I finished my Potted Posies and posted about it, working on the Monster seemed a boring topic to blog about. It's not like I haven't been talking about the Monster lately.

3. I have had the blahs the past couple of days. I am attributing the blahs to the gloomy gray days we have been having here and hormones. The past couple of days I was even blah about doing anything quilt related. On Monday I played with my fabric for about an hour. I was getting some of my recent purchases ready for the washing machine. I worked on the Monster for about the same time. Yesterday, I didn't even want to work on the Monster, but I did for about an hour. I then poked my finger pretty bad, bled, and called it quits for the day. I had no desire to do anything else quilt related at all. That my friends is very unusual for me!

Today the sun came out, and I felt like I needed to stand in the sun and soak it up! I did end up getting out and running some errands. It was actually fun to put on my sunglasses! I am more of myself now, and for that I am very happy!

I have been given a couple of blog awards lately and I will be posting them soon. Thanks Charlene and Jessica!

My dear friend Charlene has recently become a Disney Travel Specialist. She has been working very hard and giving a lot of quotes on trips to many Disney Vacation Wantabe's. Notice I said giving quotes. She was working so hard, but vacation seakers interested in a Spring trip were wanting information now, and not necessarily wanting to book yet. Well today, she received her first official booking - yeah! I am so happy for her! Another reason why I am so happy is that I was able to give her a gift I have been saving for her for just this occasion. I made this pillowcase for her.

Char loves pirates (especially one named Jack) and when I saw this fabric I thought of my friend!
How perfect is this? I also found some neat red fabric with Micky Mouse heads that I used on the cuff. Congratulations on your first booking Char!
Oh blogger - when are you going to fix the spell checker? Please excuse any goofs on my part. My dictionary is handy...but you know how that goes!


Jessica said...

Too funny! That is some awesome fabric! HOORAY for Charlene!!!!

And... I am mad at spellchecker as well... Grrrrrr. It has been likek 3 weeks now!

Lea said...

Welcome back to the blogland! :-)
Your pillow case is so cool!
I used this pillow case pattern to make a Christmas pillow for my son before. I bet If He sees your "Captain Jack" pillow, He wants it too. :-D

Nancy-Rose said...

Oh where, oh where did you find that fabric! I have a good friend who has a "thing" for a certain pirate too.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Its been my experience you can never go wrong blaming hormones for just about anything!

I am with you on blog spell checker, are we ever going to get that back!

Charlene said...

You cheered me up bringing with that surprise! These grey days are rough! Thanks so much for all your encouragement and support!!

Charlene said...

Gee I don't need spell check, how about sentence structure?

Rose said...

Hey! Way to go, Charlene!! Love the pillowcase.

Marilyn, I can totally relate to having the blahs or whatever. It's dark and snowy here again after nearly 50 F. yesterday. I'm still quilting away on the wedding quilt that I started 6 MONTHS ago and I'm not done yet. It's getting to the point that I'm just burned out on it but refuse to start anything new until it's DONE! Hang in there...Spring IS coming ;)

Tracey in CT said...

Wow, that pirate fabric is great!

Libby said...

Oh that pillow case is just perfect *s* What girl wouldn't want to slumber with her check next to Capt. Jack?

YankeeQuilter said...

I know what you mean about just wanting to stand outside and soak up the sun! That is a perfectly reasonable excuse for not blogging...unless of course you can get a wireless laptop!

Love the pirate fabric. Congrats to your friend!

Sharon said...

Enjoyed reading your post today.
I know what you mean about the sun.When I got up I really hated to go to work, but while driving in the sun came up(finally)and it made me feel so warm and happy.
Loved your pillow case.What a great friend you are.