September 28, 2007

Floor Tiles

I was reading Bonnie's blog today and was reminded of a photo I took on our recent trip to Walt Disney World. We stayed at the Riverside Port Orleans Resort. When I walked in and saw the sink area I immediately thought ohhhhhhh what a quilt! I know I'm not the only quilter to do this!

There was a heat wave going on while we were in Orlando. To escape the heat from time to time DH and I would go into the different souvenir shops to cool off. You can only look at so many souvenirs. To remedy this situation DH and I took turns trying on different hats and taking our pictures in them. We got some funny looks from other shoppers, but we had a blast.


Darlene said...

Hello - welcome to blogland! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment about applique! Your blog is wonderful and I'll be back to visit often. Pop by to 'see' me again soon!

Charlene said...

Loved the hats! I think I have some photos of us at Mall of America wearing hats! I especially love the pumpkin Mickey!

Jessica said...

Those ears suit you well!!! Your quilts are so beautiful! You are awesome at what you do!