September 21, 2007

Handmade Cards

I went to a card making class last night with my friend Char. We had a great time, and made eight Christmas cards. I love to make and give handmade cards. I need to do a card making session soon. In the past I have sent handmade cards to family and friends at Christmas. Last year I didn't get as many made as I had wanted. Maybe this year? Time will tell.


Charlene said...

Had a great time last night! Too bad I lost my 2 favorite cards before I got home. Make sure you show your paper folding cards...those are so detailed and pretty! And don't forget to show us Clyde!

Wilma L. said...

Marilyn--------let me be the 2nd in line to write you a note! Your quilt looks absolutely gorgeous in the photo! Do I get it when it is done????? Ma

Wilma L. said...

Your cards are neat! Which one will I find in my mailbox?