December 29, 2007

Blogger Awards

Bren gave this award to all of her blog readers who are quilters. I truly think Bren's blog is a treasure! She is a wonderful quilter and an inspiration in many ways. Thanks Bren!

I would like to pass this award along to a blogger that I recently found. Her name is Lea. She posts in Japanese and English. I have been enjoying her blog and her quilting skills are wonderful! Your blog is a treasure Lea, take this award and proudly post it! I would also like to give this award to my friend Charlene. She may not be a quilter, (I have tried to influence her but so far it hasn't worked) but she and her blog are a treasure!

My friend Charlene gave me the Bodacious Blog award.
Wow Char, thanks for thinking that my blog is: Extremely cool, most excellent. This is bodacious in itself!

Closet update: I have gone through five boxes of baby clothes and found a few things to keep. Blankets, baby shoes and a sweater set that I had knitted. I think that might have been the last thing I ever knitted. hmmmmm I also found a box that I had long forgotten about, but that is another post!


Charlene said...

Thanks Marilyn for the Treasure Award! Maybe one day I'll have to quilt something just for YOU!!

Jessica said...

You are doing a great job! How much do you charge???