December 31, 2007

I would like wish all of my blogging friends a blessed and happy New Year! I have been thinking about what I have accomplished this past year. One thing that I have done the past year has been of course starting my own blog. I have new blogging friends who have not only taught me things but have inspired me too! Such fun!

Lea recently asked my about the quilt on my header. Yes, I made it, but it is still in the flimsy stage. Non quilters - this means it is just in quilt top form, it has not been quilted yet. I had made a Buggy Barn Log Cabin Crazies quilt for a class I was going to teach. Because of the technique used to make this quilt I had sooo many little scraps left over. I had seen a photo of an antique quilt on Bonnie Hunter's blog and it so intrigued me that I wanted to recreate it. I used a foundation paper piecing method to easily piece all of the little strips of fabric together. I had so much fun making this wall hanging. I'm sorry the quality of this photo isn't the best, but laying it on a brown surface was the best I could do this morning. Once it is actually quilted I will post a better picture of it. Now to get it quilted!

I had said that I would keep you posted on my closet clean-out progress. I can see more floor space and have gone through and sorted more boxes. One box I ran across surprised me. Inside were these kitchen towels (18), dish cloths (5) and pot holders (3). Many years ago, actually a little over twenty, we were given a wedding shower. Our friends and family were very generous. It seemed that one of the most popular things to give us was bath towels and kitchen towels. We received so many kitchen towels that I had boxed up half of them to be used later when the first sets had worn out. I guess that time is now! I was very happy to find a bunch of new towels ready to be used. I had recently thought some of my current towels were ready for the rag bin. Now I have the replacements! Do you remember how the duck motifs were sooo popular in the late 80's? What about blue and mauve (some referred to it as rose) color schemes? The very first quilt I made was blue/mauve. I'm glad we are over that fad!


Bren said...

My very first quilt was blue and mauve too!! I love the duck/goose motifs from the 80's I had a white duck cookie jar and I beleive the same towels and pot holders you showed. See what a Tackle It Tuesday can do!!!!
Happy New Year!

Rose said...

I think someone should start the practice of giving wedding anniversary showers or something. I too am in desperate need of new towels and dishcloths. I'm glad we're way past the ducks!

Kathie said...

had to laugh at the duck dish towels I remember those too!
I just love this quilt you made...great use of scraps I have done something similar for a small doll quilt..will post a picture of it on my blog later today.
would love to make one like this ...and yes I love Bonnies header too....and glad you were inspired by it to make this quilt.

Nancy-Rose said...

Hey! I got some of those VERY SAME goose linens for my 1988 bridal shower. Country blue and geese. Ah yes....the 80's!

Lea said...

Thank you!!!! for posting the picture on the quilt that I asked you about. :-)
I love all the little pieces of fabric you put together.
This quilt will be a masterpice! :-)

Charlene said...

I love the new Blog Template!! And to find all those towels now that a gift!! I'm in agreement after 20 years everyone needs a Shower!

Tracey in CT said...

I think that I had those same towels when we first got married! It is nice to have a bunch of new towels every now and then!