October 20, 2007

Buggy Barn Log Cabin Crazies

This has been some week! I am glad it is over. I got home Monday afternoon from my wonderful trip to WI and the Diane Gaudynski class very tired but happy. I had to get back into the swing of things right away. I was playing Church Secretary for two days this week to fill in for the vacationing secretary. I had to get ready to teach two quilting classes on Thursday at Robert's Sewing Center in Joilet, IL and then of course teach them. I taught a Beginning Machine Quilting class in the morning/afternoon and in the evening I taught a Buggy Barn Log Cabin Crazies class. Busy busy day. It is about a 45 min. drive for me to get to Robert's Sewing Center so I thought I would try teaching two classes in one day. It worked, but boy was I tired when I got home. The photo is my version of the Buggy Barn pattern. It isn't the best photo. Because it is still a flimsy (non-quilters this means it is just a quilt top, it hasn't been quilted yet) the light shows through it. I couldn't take a better picture because the camera is out of town with DH. We had a great time in the classes. I learn something from my students each time I teach a class too! That is part of what makes teaching so much fun. Yesterday was spent playing church secretary. It is stressful when you have 29 more bulletins to be run and the copier says it is out of toner and stops. UGH! That is another story, but to make a long story short the bulletin will be in everyone's hands on Sunday. I did get to have a fun evening with Char. Since our hubbys are together camping we went out to our favorite pizza place and afterward had a fun gab session. When hubby is away I usually stay up real late and sew away, but not this time. I was just too worn out. Today I am getting my classes lined up to teach in the next quarter and will be working on some class samples. I get to quilt today - yeah!!!!!! I missed posting on my blog lately and reading other blogs too. I hope to catch up on some blog reading today too. I better get cracking or that won't happen!


Charlene said...

Yes, the pizza was so yummy! You are going to be away from your computer too long in a few weeks...you need a laptop to let us see those beautiful vacation photos you will be taking!! Please Mr. Hubby!

Jessica said...

Yes.. Please!! I am sure the DH would understand

Ouch... I am glad you have bulletins for tomorrow... I think we have all been in situations where the ink runs out! EEK

Su Bee said...

Oh wow - how did you love the Diane Gaudynski class? She's my hero - what patience and talent!