October 2, 2007

Hand Quilting

I found a new notion to help with my hand quilting today. I found that by putting Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape on my right index finger it was easier to pull the needle through the fabric. I used Kona Cotton as the background fabric for my Marie Webster quilt. Kona Cotton is wonderful to use as a background for hand applique, but it can be difficult to hand quilt through as it is a heavy fabric. I had been using a product called Finger Cots to help me pull the needle through the fabric. They worked well, but were easily torn by the tip of the needle. The first aid tape worked great and is very heavy duty. On the hand that rests underneath the quilt I put electrical tape on my index finger. I can still feel the needle hit my finger underneath the quilt, but it helps protect my finger from the needle point. I did try the first aid tape on my index finger under the quilt today too. It worked OK, but I think I prefer the slicker electrical tape. Are there other ideas for neat hand quilting notions out there?


Bren said...

I used kona cotton on my 4 season swap and had a really hard time with it. I thought it was just the batting (new brand) but I am convinced the kona played a role. I had needles breaking all over the place. I double cross hatched it, so it was ALOT of quilting! I was never so happy to hand quilt on the pink and brown...glides like butter.
I really like to feel the needle on my underhand. I build up a pretty good callous on my index, middle, and even my ring finger. Plus I figure if the back does not have SOME blood on it, it was not done right! For pulling a tough needle through the top I have used finger cots or a rubber disc. The tape is a good idea.

Nancy-Rose said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll try the electrical tape today, and look for the first aid tape next time I'm out. I use finger cots, and paint my underneath finger with a thick layer of Liquid Bandage. It works, sorta.... but I'm up for experimenting!