October 8, 2007

No Camera Pt. 2

I thought I would share a little more about my day in Shipshewana and Middlebury, IN. There is a large Amish community that live in the Shipshewna area. It seems like where you find Amish you find quilts and good food. There is another great quilt store called Yoder's Department Store. They claim to have over 12,000 bolts of fabric with over 4,000 of those bolts being 100% cotton fabric. I believe them! There is so much to see and of course buy there! They have the best selection of solid color fabric that I have ever seen. If you want to make an Amish inspired quilt, that is the place to find the fabric you need. I made a mistake on the way to Shipshewana. I told my DH that I had collected enough pink and brown reproduction fabrics to make my long planned for quilt. Of course what did I see but new double pinks and browns and they all were calling my name. When DH saw what I bought he said, "I thought you had enough pinks and browns now?" I told him they were just calling my name. What was I supposed to do? Leave them at the store? I think not!

My non-quilting friend, Char has asked me if I will ever blog about something that isn't quilt related. Here it is Char! Middlebury is a neighboring town. There are treasures to be found there too. One such treasure will be mailed off to my Mother-in-law. We took her to the Shipshewana area once when she was visiting us. She bought some Yoder's Pork Rinds and claimed they tasted just like the ones she had when she was a girl. She says they are even better if you pop them in the microwave and warm them up just a little. I will just have to take her word for that! The only place we can find them for her now is in a little grocery store in Middlebury. She will be happy when she receives her surprise package in the mail.

My absolute favorite place to go to in Middlebury is Essenhause. There is a wonderful hotel, great shops, yummy bakery, and a fantastic restaurant there.

At the restaurant you have two choices. You can eat a family style all you want to eat meal or choose from a menu. We chose to eat the family style meal this time. Wish I would have had my camera with me. You would be licking your lips right about now and wishing you were there too. We had chicken, baked steak, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, homemade bread, corn and of course dessert. The dessert ended up going home with us as our tummy's were just to full to enjoy it there. My DH loves their Chocolate Raspberry pie, so he brought one of those home too. Yum!


Su Bee said...

This exemplifies one of the best things about blogging - we get to "visit" places we'll never actually get to go. Thanks for sharing! What fun!

Jessica said...

yummy... The pie looks delicious. The essenhaus bakery and restraunt are the best! It makes me hungry!

Bren said...

I have a collection of pink and brown also...you can never have too many.
Just the name Yoder makes you want to go there! I love solids too.

Charlene said...

Marilyn has "trained" me well to go with her and even I like to look at the fabric there - for awhile. =) They do have an awesome scrapbooking store that I can spend hours going through so that helps! And just the mention of those pretzels makes me want to take the day off and ride out there, I can hear the soothing clip clop of the horse hooves right now!

Wendy said...

Those pinks and browns would have jumped in my hands too. I have a little collection too.
Yummy chocolate pie.

MoMnMore said...

I Love the New Splash Universe Indoor Water Park!
I can leave my "non shopping" husband and son to play, while I can run to all the little shops, which are only 1/2 mile from the resort. REsort is located across from the flea market. We stayed at the resort, the passes were good for two day, so I got to run to shops on both days (day time before they close) and then join my family for some fun the night we stayed! It was great to have something to do after all the shops closed!