October 4, 2007

Klutz Glove

Today I didn't get a lot of sewing done, but I did get some fabric cut and organized for a leader/ender project that is called My Blue Heaven. The quilt is from Bonnie Hunter's wonderful site Quiltville.com If you aren't familiar with the leader/ender method of piecing one quilt while you are actually sewing on another check out Bonnie's site for that too. I have found that when I am cutting small pieces with my rotary cutter I must be very careful. One day I actually cut off the end of my fingernail while cutting a half square triangle piece. That was just too close for comfort. I bought a glove called the Klutz Glove. It is a cut-resistant glove that protects the non-cutting hand while rotary cutting. It is made from stainless steel and synthetic fibers and has little rubber dots for gripping the rulers. I had to get used to the glove as it is a little big for me, but now I like it. I don't use it when I am cutting large strips (although maybe I should). I just don't have to put my fingers so close to the edge on large strips. I have heard too many stories of quilter's having to go to the emergency room because of rotary cutting mishaps. It is the Klutz Glove for me! By the way, I bought mine at a LQS. I think Fons and Porter sells it too.


Bren said...

Great idea!! Cutting is not my favorite part of the process.
I gave you a little award. Just stop by my blog and grab it. ;)

Anonymous said...

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