October 1, 2007

I Won!

Wow! I received an email this morning from Toni, The Quilting Pirate . She informed me that I won her Manic Monday drawing. On Monday's Toni has been posting pictures of UFO's that she doesn't want to finish. When you leave a comment on her blog she enters you into a drawing for the UFO. I won a set of Sun Bonnet Sue redwork blocks, the pattern, and fabric she was using for the wall hanging. I am thrilled! Thanks Toni! When I receive the Sun Bonnet Sue's I will post a picture of them. I can't wait!

I love the fabrics of the 30's era. I thought I would post a picture of the quilt I made for my DN wedding gift last year. My nephew and his wife will be celebrating their first anniversary soon. My nephew plays the guitar and his wife to be liked the 30's & 40's era. Hmmmmm what to make that would work for both of them? I used the fabrics on the front of the quilt for the Bride and the fabric on the back was for the Groom. A His and Hers quilt was born. I am told that this is a much loved and used quilt. Happy Anniversary!

The picture isn't the best, but you get the idea!


Bren said...

Yeah! You fixed it! I am glad because I wanted so badly to comment on this beautiful quilt!! It is gorgeous. I love how you put a border around the backing fabric to make it not a backing! Again, gorgeous!

Charlene said...

Congrats to winning! You do the very best work! You are my favorite quilter!! =)

Joni said...

Wow you are a lucky girl winning those blocks. I can't wait to see a picture. The quilt is gorgeous!!!