October 6, 2007

No Camera!

Today DH and I had a fun day at Shipshewana, IN. It is such a fun place to go and spend the day, or the weekend for that matter. We were a mile away from home and I realized I left my cell phone in a different purse at home. Oh well, I figured I would survive with out my phone. About a half an hour away I realized I forgot my camera at home too. How was I to blog about my trip without my camera? At lease I didn't forget the credit card! I will just have to show you pictures of my purchases - at least some of them!

There are the neatest quilt stores in Shipshewana. The first one I went to was Lolly's. I told DH that I was looking for snow fabric and sky fabric for my Christmas blocks. Well, you know the divide and conquer theory? I was looking, stroking and drooling over possible fabric purchases and DH comes up to me. "I found what you want over here!" He says with a great big smile on his face. I assured him I would get over to see them in a minute. When I got over to the other side of the store sure enough, he found blue sky fabric that would be great for my quilt. I loaded up his outstretched arms with about four bolts of fabric. I heard some reproduction fabrics calling my name. I added a couple more bolts to DH's outstretched arms. I found some "snow" fat quarters. We got in line at the cutting table and then paid for the much needed fabric. After that great feat we had a wonderful fresh from the oven pretzels. The pretzel's at Jo Jo's don't even come close to the ones you can get at the mall - they are sooooo good! While we were eating that wonderful pretzel I looked at DH and said, "You know, I'm not finished at Lolly's." He had this surprised look on his face. I had found what I was looking for, what else did I need? I had to explain that I hadn't had a chance to look, to explore. I don't know if he really understood, in fact I know he didn't. We walked around at different stores and I went back to Lolly's while DH went to a nearby antique store to while away his time while I explored. I found a pattern that called my name. It is the BB Bag one in the photo. I have hopes that this would make a good class for me to teach. Now I have to find time to make one soon to find out. Tomorrow I will tell you about Yoder's Dept. Store and Essenhause at Middlebury. It is past my bedtime, and I am in the Worship Team in the early service at church tomorrow morning. Good night!


Bren said...

Great buys!! What a great DH you have. I am sure mine would not have outstretched arms to gather my bolts of fabrics. In fact I am sure he would be in the car!!

Jessica said...

Shipshewana rocks! The funny thing, I have been in that fabric store and love to look... Have no clue what to do with fabric and needles but it is pretty stuff. Pretzels at JoJos... Yummmmm
Matt would be there as well! Food is his calling, not shopping. He just doesnt know what he is missing!

You should ride the wooden carosuel... Its fun too! (If you need to borrow Alanna to do this just ask!)