December 28, 2007

Tackle it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.....

A blogger friend, Bren has what she calls a Tackle It Tuesday project. It is something that needs to be "tackled" back into organization or put back into shape. When I started to clean out a big closet yesterday I thought of her. Boy, this is more of a tackle it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday job. The closet is a very large one as it is along a hallway. It has served as a major storage space for clothes, suitcases, baby clothes etc. Yep, I said baby clothes. Do I have children? No. When my nephew was a baby I thought I needed to keep just about all of his baby clothes. He might want them for his children some day. Dear hubby tried to talk me out of it. Nothing doing. I started going through the clothes yesterday. I just had to laugh. Who would put their child in baby clothes that were twenty three years old? A lot of the elastic was no longer elastic. Stains that were thought washed out were not. I love vintage things, but decided that vintage polyester and corduroy just wouldn't cut it. At least I will have some buttons that I will be cutting off before tossing the clothes to add to my button collection. I still have at least three more baby clothes boxes to go through. I have bagged up two big bags of clothes of mine to take to the Bible Thrift Center. There is so much left in the closet to go through. Ugh! I hate the job of cleaning out closets. I must focus on my end goal. At one time I was a Longaberger Consultant. I have storage tubs of baskets etc. that are taking up valuable space in my fabric stash area. I need to get those storage tubs upstairs in the closet so I can get to my stash easier. I will also be able to get to the Longaberger stuff easier too. If I work on it a little each day it will get done...eventually! I am posting a before photo of the closet so that it will encourage me to get it done so I can post an after photo. I was afraid if I waited to post a before and after photo together I wouldn't get that closet finished. If you don't see an after photo in the next two weeks please give me a nudge to get it done!

To reward myself for getting started on my "Tackle It" project I pulled a UFO out. It is my Scrappy Lattice Quilt. Two of my quilting friends are also making the same quilt. I wanted to do some mindless sewing, so I pieced the scrappy strips together. I love working with reproduction fabrics. I was able to pull from my stash for this project and use scraps. The only thing I think I made a dent in is the background fabrics. I am beginning to run low on them. You know what that means!


Bren said...

Hey! I did not know there were rewards involved!! You can bet I will be after you for the after pic! I am so proud!!!!
(oh and my Tackles sometimes take more than one day too, and I never do my Tackle on an actual Tuesday...shhhh)

Charlene said...

yum! How I love a clean closet! I have a Tackle it never stays clean, it needs to be "taken back", but I'm afraid I don't know where to put all the stuff I don't want in it!

Wilma L. said...

Hey Mar!!!!!!!!!! GO, GO, GO!!!!!

Lea said...

Hi, Marilyn.
I love all your choice of repro fabrics for Scrappy Lattice quilt!
I also love your Nickle quilt, it's lovery.
I love primitive style ( such as Jan Patek, Linda Brannock, etc..) but also love reproduction quilts too. :-)
BTW, What kind of quilt that you used for you blog head board ??
Is this your quilt too? I love it!!! :-)

Jessica said...

Yes!!! I am still alive! I really need to blog again. It keeps me sane!