January 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Almost

This is my friend Gloria

This is what happens when a hot iron is placed on a plastic table by mistake.

Poor Gloria

This happened at the place where we went for the quilting get-a-way. When Gloria told the owner what happened to his table he replied, "Wow, that iron was hot!" He wasn't upset by it and we got a laugh out of it - all of us except Gloria!


Bren said...

I bet Gloria doesn't do THAT again!!!

Lea said...

Oh, NO-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!!!!
Goodness.... Poor Gloria....
I have this iron and love to use for apprique but I know IT GETS SUPER HOT!!
Goodthing She wasn't hurt though.

Jessica said...

YUCK!!! That had to smell!

Hey! I tagged you! Check out my blog!


Libby said...

Poor Gloria . . .that's my favorite travel iron *s*

Charlene said...

That iron has a weird handle don't you think?????

Wilma L. said...

Poor, poor Gloria! Wasn't that kind of mean for you to show how miserable she was on your blog???I keep wondering.......could she salvage the iron?

Jessica said...

Where are you????

Hee hee!!!

Thanks for all the prayers and for thinking about me through this difficult time.